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Muscle Trigger Points is $2.99 and is a reference for the most common trigger points and referral patterns in over seventy muscles. More that one hundred trigger points and their corresponding referral patterns are detailed. There is a visual reference as well as written documentation for each muscle. Look at muscles individually or in zones. This app helps to discover the source of pain. This is a great app for massage or physical therapists and chiropractors.

Go Pedometer is $1.99 and turns your iPhone into a pedometer. You can carry your phone in a pocket, on a belt or in your hand. The timer automatically stops when you stop walking and starts when you begin to walk. Your distance is measured and calories used are calculated. English and Metric units are supported. Great for jogging, running and walking. Just enter your height and weight and the app does the rest.

Two Hundred Situps is $1.99 is for those who are serious about increasing their core strength. This is a six week program that will have you doing 200 consecutive sit-ups. All you need is about thirty minutes a week to be able to accomplish this plan. The app is a good motivator and the types of sit-ups referred to are crunches.

Weight Watchers Mobile is a free app that makes is easier that ever to connect with Weight Watchers anywhere. Features include: featured recipe for the day, create shopping lists from recipes, learn to make smarter food choices, success stories, and meeting time and location information.

Apps to Improve your Knowledge

The Chemical Touch is $0.99 and gives you the periodic table on your iPhone. Explore the properties of the elements, the nucleobases and the standard amino acids. The periodic table is touch sensitive and provides a wealth of information right at your fingertips. You can change the colors on the table by selecting properties other than Atomic Mass to see trends. A great study tool for biochemistry.

Mathemagics – Mental Math Tricks is $0.99 for a limited time. Amaze people with how fast you can divide, multiply and square numbers. Learn the tricks of mental math calculations in a fun way. Study a topic and progress through the levels of proficiency. Things you will be able to learn to do include: multiply as high as 20 by 20, square numbers ending with 5, square any two digit number, double and halve numbers, sum the first n even or odd numbers, and much more.

ASL Dictionary is $0.99 for a limited time. Translate English into American Sign Language with this video dictionary. Included are over 4,800 signs, 765 multiple meaning words, 55 idioms translated, money, time, dates, symbols, common phrases, and more.

Dinosaurs: The American Museum of Natural History Collections is a free app. Explore the Museum’s fossils in depth. Access the world’s largest collection of dinosaur fossils through photos and renderings. Learn what scientists believe dinosaur’s looked like. Find out detailed information about the fossils, where they were found and who found them and other information. Use the app as a guide if you visit the museum. Stories take you in to the museum’s archives to learn the history behind dinosaur explorations.

How Unlocking The iPhone Can Make It Less Expensive To Own And Operate

Unlocking an iPhone may surprise you with the amount of money it can save. From monthly fees to extra charges you can often see an incredible drop in the amount of money you are paying on a monthly basis when you have broken your carrier’s monopoly and gone in search of a better deal. Whether it is a lower cost per minute for placing daytime calls or the ability to call specific numbers for free many cellular networks have excellent deals that you can find by comparison shopping.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that it is a difficult process or one that can only be performed on certain handsets. With unlocking programs from iPhone Unlocking Solutions you can unlock 3G model handsets as well as model 3Gs handsets. Unlocking software capable of tackling version 3.1.2 firmware is also available which will be great news to those users.

The company offers software that can be downloaded and then uploaded to the handset in a very short period of time. This means that only minutes after you have made the decision to lower your costs you can be enjoying bonuses such as free texting for SMS format messages, a huge savings in today’s text-heavy society. 08 numbers will no longer cost you money to call and even mobile tethering will be available free of charge to customers.

The perks continue. Did you know that many cellular networks restrict the applications their customers can access? This is no longer an issue once you have used this company’s software to unlock your handset. Suddenly you have access to a full range of apps to download and enjoy. These are just a few of the reasons why more than two million customers over the past four years have opted to use this company for their jailbreaking needs.

If you are still cautious, you may be interested in learning about the full money back guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied you can get a total refund. Often, this can happen in less than 24 hours. If you have questions or concerns you can also feel safe with the technical support staff that the company offers.

Unlocking iPhone 3Gs 3.1.2 is no longer complicated or risky. Neither is Unlocking iPhone 3G 3.1.2. With this company you can feel confident that lower bills and fewer charges are within your grasp.

Increase your participation in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics with these Olympic apps.

Cowbell2010 is $0.99 and you can use the next time you need to cheer someone on. Ringing Alpine Cowbells is a tradition to cheer on athletes. The clang is easily heard in crowds and lets an athlete know they are supported. Your iPhone or iPod Touch will become a cowbell when you shake it. Choose the country flag of your choice to drape the cowbell. Whether you are on you couch, on the slope, or on the race trail you will become part of the experience. This app is created with the 2010 Winter Olympics in mind and has the event schedule and a favorites folder for you to follow the sport you love. Share your photos and texts on the Live Wall with users around the world and your friends on Facebook.

Olympics Live (iOlympics) is $0.99 and will bring you the latest news about the Olympics to your phone or iPod Touch. Information is updated in real time. Browse offline and email links to friends. Updated hourly and network connection required.

2010 Games is $1.99 and is another app that brings the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics to your iPhone. Get the latest news and direct access to real-time results. Follow your favorite sport though out the day. Works with the STATS application and provides one source to keep up with all the action of the Winter Olympics. Features include: breaking news and headlines, daily schedule, results, AP photos, and video.

ToonPaint is $1.99 lets you turn your photos in to cartoon paintings. No previous art experience is required. MagiSketch makes is easy as painting by numbers. This is a smart painting application that lets you express your creativity. Import a photo and create an ‘automatic’ sketch and then color as you feel like it. You can undo to correct mistakes. Use pinch/zoom to give you control over your painting. Help and hints are provided for those new to painting.

Digital SLR Photography Toolkit for Dummies for $0.99 for a limited time. Learn the latest digital photography techniques. There are forty easy tutorials that give you tips that will help you get started taking professional looking pictures. There is an interactive shoot diary to record the details of your photo sessions. Share your entries on Facebook or by email. The settings finder tool gives you recommended ISO, aperture and shutter speeds. There is an exposure calculator that will help you achieve your desired results. Camera controls and the tripod level tool shows you just what you need to know to set up and use your camera. This is a great app for anyone interested in photography.

Slowmo is $0.99 and you can create slow or fast motion videos with your iPhone. There is no video degradation no matter how many times you adjust the speed. Works with iPhone 3Gs only. Use a slide to select the desired speed, pick a clip from the camera roll or record video, process either fast/slow motion, play, email or save to your camera roll.

Top Hot Apps for the iPhone

The Rules of Golf is $3.99 and is presented by the U.S. Golf Association. The 2010-2011 edition of “The Rules of Golf” and “Decisions on The Rules of Golf” as well as “Rules of Amateur Status” are provided in this app. If you are an avid golfer wanting access to the official rules in order to play by the rules this is the app for you. Things you will be able to determine include: when is a ball considered lost, can you stand out of bounds when making a stroke, and how to deal with a ball that lands close to a dangerous situation. If you have a question on a situation that you cannot find an answer to just email the USGA directly from the app and receive advice.

Calculations is $0.99 and gives you five easy-to-use and diverse calculators in one app. With the Paycheck Estimator you can see how much your taxes would change if you change your tax status or how many hours it takes to pay your rent. The Mortgage app will tell you how much extra you would need to pay to pay your mortgage off early. With Auto Loan you can enter the trade in value with a down payment amount and calculate taxes. The Tip Calculator you can split a check and determine tip amounts. The Investment Estimator is a simple but useful tool that you can determine what your investments will be worth over time.

Productivity Apps for the iPhone

WifiTrak (Find FREE WiFi) for $0.99. This app helps you find FREE and open WiFI hotspots and public access points easily and quickly. This app scans for all available WiFi devices and networks in the area and tests them for usability. The app can list the WiFi networks sorted by most to lease useable. The app can automatically launch mail, browser or other application when suitable. The app features: simple interface, automatic redirection detection, ability to set minimum strength, choice of notification sounds, plus much more.

ITranslate is a free app that is a universal translator for your iPhone. Fifty two languages can be translated. With text to speech you have 43 voices in sixteen languages. Send translations by email. Supported languages include: Afrikaans, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, English, Esotnian, German, French, Norwegian, Persian, Thai, Yiddish and more.

Push+Pop is a free app and the next time you have an epiphany just tap into Push+Pop and you’re done. Record your ideas, reminders, notes, action items and other things you need to remember in Push+Pop. When on the go you need something simple and easy to use to jot down the golden ideas in your head. With Push+Pop just one tap creates a new idea, tap to edit, swipe to remove, tap and float to the top of the list and scroll to view all your ideas. This app is easy and quick to keep all your ideas all in one place. Keep a reminder of things you need to do and all your brainstorming ideas organized with Push+Pop.

Valentines Day Apps for the iPhone

Valentine’s Day Recipes is $1.99 and will help you create a romantic dinner for two. There are over 140 recipes that are a perfect way to celebrate your special relationship. Choose your sweethearts favorite foods and surprise him or her with a romantic meal you have created. For the women – they way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. For the guys – women love men who can cook! Get this app and your efforts this Valentine’s Day will be appreciated.

SMS-BOX for Lovers is $0.99 for a limited time. If you struggle trying to find the right words to send to the person you love or have problems expressing how you feel – this is the app for you. With SMS-BOX for lovers struggle no longer as you will have access to a supply of ready-made funny, romantic or hot cards and SMS messages to use. Features include: striking card images, more than 500 ready-made SMS messages, wide variety of categories to choose from, easy to use interface, send via SMS, MMS or email. Categories to choose from include: funny, romantic, heart-to-heart, in love, good morning, xmas, valentine’s day, birthday wishes, call me, missing you, joking, sorry for being late and much, much more.

Love Detector is $0.99 and you can show your loved one just how much you care. From a scale of 0 to 10 and is controlled by The Secret Magic Twist. You push the yellow button on the start/stop, choose your target, tilt the device to change the level and tap the screw for a surprise. Have fun.

Valentine’s Day Fun for the iPhone

Cookie Doodle is $0.99 and if you enjoy making cookies but hate the mess you will love this app. The app provides the dough, rolling pin, cookie cutters, frostings, sprinkles and candies. Nine delicious cookie dough choices include: dark chocolate, sugar dough supreme, blueberry, red velvet, peanut butter, snicker doodle and more. Twelve frosting flavors include: lemon yellow, raspberry red, sours Apple green, white French vanilla and more. There are a variety of cookie cutters that include: 2010 New Year, car, party hat, dog bone, flower, cat, dog, hummingbird, and much more.

Create A Valentine is a free app that lets you customize a valentine for your sweetheart. Construct a card using professional, hand illustrated hearts and images from award-winning illustrator Steve Bjorkman. Write custom messages on six different hand-drawn hearts with twelve beautifully hand-painted backgrounds to choose from. Email your creation directly from the app to your sweetheart. Save the cards you create to your photos library.

Valentine Radio is a free app of the most romantic radio stations and you can stream to you iPhone or iPod touch. There is a selection of over 40 radio stations but if you want one included just email the developer.

Be My Valentine is a free app and is a matching concentration game with love inspired designs.

Love Link is $0.99 and uses dynamic music, sound effects, visuals and vibration to make you feel connected. Girls – test your guys for sincerity and true love, and Guys – don’t be scared and just be open that this may be a useful social tool.

Unlock iPhone 3G and 3GS: Informative Guide on the Best Software to Use

Cell phone bills can really add up quickly. Whether it is because you are operating your iPhone on a network with high basic charges or it may be that they hit you with fees and charges for applications and text messages. Whatever the reason, finding a way to lower these and shop around for the best deal can mean that you will make your handset quite reasonable to operate.

The company iPhone Unlocking Solutions specializes in helping iPhone users to accomplish this process easily and affordably. They offer even novice users the ability to simply download software to their computer and upload it to their handset which then allows the user to access any cellular network to use as their carrier. This means that you can now comparison shop and pay a company according to the terms which suit you and your usage the best.

Customers who use the software that the company supplies can now unlock both 3G and 3Gs models. Even those utilizing version 3.1.2 firmware are able to undergo the unlocking process using software supplied by them. They also offer a number of perks that you would need to pay for anywhere else. Texting addicts will adore the free SMS messaging and people who want a ringtone for every occasion will love the exclusive tones and wallpapers that they can access. If you make many calls to 08 numbers this is also included for free.

Recreation is one thing but business users may be more interested in free mobile tethering that you can now accomplish with your handset. This is something which allows you to use your phone as a modem and normally will cost at least twenty dollars a month. There are so many perks that it is no wonder two million clients have used this company in the past four years to unlock their handsets.

You need to know that the company also offers its customers a money back guarantee that provides a refund in the event that you are not totally satisfied. They can often return the money in under twenty four hours which is very appealing to many users. Tech support is also on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Make the decision to Unlock iPhone 3Gs 3.1.2 or Unlock iPhone 3G 3.1.2 with this company. When you see how your bills decrease and your productivity goes up you will be pleased that you did.

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